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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Posted on 10th May, by Neville Cramer in Uncategorized. No Comments

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Due to the upcoming debates over “comprehensive immigration reform”, I decided to once again crank up my “ Blog”. I spent more than twenty-five years as a U.S. Immigration Special Agent, and hopefully, my comments will enlighten some folks about the problems that could descend upon us if our government fails once again to legislate effective immigration control.

There is no need to grant the possibility of U.S. Citizenship to eleven million people in order to accomplish “comprehensive immigration reform”. Politicians in Washington will conveniently fail to tell their constituents about the resulting chain migration. If we eventually give citizenship to eight, ten or even twelve million illegal immigrants, (whether they speak English, pay back taxes and meet all the other requirements), it will lead to a possible influx of more than thirty million or more new legal immigrants in the next ten years. The U.S. cannot survive this type of mass migration without serious damage to our education programs, criminal justice system, health care programs, and general infrastructure. In short, a “path to citizenship” will lead to the demise of the United States as we know it today.

As I have advocated numerous times to groups across America, (and written in my book “Immigration Chaos” in 2007), the maximum benefit we should offer to our illegal immigrant population is something similar to a renewable “non-immigrant worker” status – and that’s all! There are tens of thousands of non-immigrants admitted to the U.S. every year, and no one points the finger at them claiming they are some sort of second-class resident. Most illegal immigrants I interview tell me this solution would suffice.

Prior to granting the illegal immigrants any type of legal status, we first need to revamp the way we deploy our current Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection resources. The borders must be secured using technology such as drones, sensors, night vision and even satellites. Furthermore, we need several large detention facilities on or near our Southwest border to house apprehended illegal immigrants for periods of up to one year.

Lastly, with all that is being said about amnesty and securing our borders, very little is being mentioned about the most effective method we could use to curtail illegal immigration – mandatory utilization of E-Verify – the system that advises employers if their employees have the legal right to work in the United States. I suggest that anyone who is interested in solving our problems with illegal immigration, read the Executive Summary of the 1993 report of the bi-partisan Commission on Immigration Reform. Readers will realize that E-Verify is the most effective way to bring about humanitarian change to our immigration enforcement programs, curtail the flow of illegal immigrants into our country (no matter how they arrived) and prevent the need for future amnesties. Without a federal mandate for employers to use E-Verify, accompanied by an effective and punitive employer sanctions program, we will never curtail illegal immigration and “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation will be another useless attempt by Congress and the White House to end our immigration chaos.

Neville W. Cramer


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