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Gay marriage, pedophilia and U.S. Immigration reform

Posted on 10th May, by Neville Cramer in Uncategorized. No Comments

Gay marriage, pedophilia and U.S. Immigration reform


Due to the upcoming debates over “comprehensive immigration reform”, I decided to once again crank up my “ Blog”. Hopefully, my comments will enlighten some folks about the problems that could descend upon us if our government fails once again to legislate effective immigration control.


One immigration-related eye opener that has concerned me for decades is the acceptance of gay marriage for immigration purposes. I wrote an innocuous paragraph or two about it in my first book  (Fixing the INSanity, 2004) advocating civil unions for gay couples, but not allowing their “marriages” to be acceptable for immigration purposes (petitioning for alien “spouses” to be exact). The hate mail that followed was incredible. Members of the gay community immediately accused me being homophobic and said very few gays would marry foreign nationals. They also accused me of raising a virtual “non-issue”. Well, since that time the “non-issue” has become a huge issue, and gays are pressing forward with several lawsuits to allow homosexual couples to obtain resident visas for their foreign spouses.


What is wrong with accepting a “gay marriage” for purposes of obtaining U.S. residency? As opposed to heterosexual marriages, gay marriage adds a whole new dimension to the concept of a “spouse”. When most people think of two homosexual men getting married, we think it will be two adult males settling down as a couple. Unfortunately there is another dimension to many homosexual men that has a much darker side.  Need I remind everyone of the sexual abuse scandals ravaging the Catholic Church and the Sandusky case at Penn State University?


If gay marriages are recognized under federal law, it will virtually legalize one common form of human slavery. American pedophiles will soon be free to openly go abroad, pick out their favorite “toy boy”, file for a resident alien visa and return to the U.S. with a “spouse” in hand, all in the name of family reunification.


For those who question whether this could actually happen, I suggest a short stroll down most of the main thoroughfares in the major cities of Southeast Asia. There you will find a seemingly endless line of motley American men, mostly in their fifties and sixties, strolling down the streets, accompanied by their young adolescent victims. There is nothing that would make these American pedophiles happier than to allow them to legally bring their prey back home.


As we have heard in testimony during recent trials of pedophiles, they are usually not content with having one young boy.  This fact will almost guarantee that shortly after these adolescents enter the U.S., the pedophile American spouse will get tired with his immigrant partner and want someone new. In many instances the young victims will then be prostituted and passed around the pedophile community like candy.


Homosexuals tell me this is a “red herring” because young boys must be at least fifteen years old to get married.  This is simply naïve. Counterfeit documents – especially birth certificates and passports – are available for pennies in most of the Third World. Our Consular officials abroad and U.S. Immigration authorities at home will not have the time or the resources to weed out this type of fraud . The result will be a sickening legalization in America of child abuse and pedophilia, as we have never seen before!


The fraud will not stop there. As with many heterosexual marriages involving foreign spouses, after the conditional “green card” arrives, a cunning lawyer will probably enter the picture and a fraudulent claim of spousal abuse will follow. The aliens will then be allowed to keep their U.S. residency status and a divorce will be only months away. As soon as it is finalized, the American pedophile will again head back overseas to marry another victim to immigrate for his sexual pleasure.


Do we really want to legalize this sort of activity in America?  If the U.S. Supreme Court approves gay marriage at the federal level, this will be a moot issue and the floodgates will open – immigration reform legislation or not!  However, if the right of marriage to gay couples is left to the States, it will be up to Congress to create legislation to prevent this child abuse from happening. Limiting marriage to that between a man and a woman for the purpose of immigrating to the U.S. would be a perfect solution.


Finally, as in many areas of immigration reform, hypocrisy is front and center. Some international media organizations are now openly promoting both worldwide anti-slavery initiatives and, at the same time, gay marriage as a human right. It will be interesting to see and hear where these organizations will stand if pedophiles are legally allowed to marry their young victims, bring them to the U.S., and openly abuse them, all in the name of equal rights and freedom.


Neville W. Cramer

INS Special Agent (retired)


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