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“Immigration Chaos: Solutions to an American Crisis”

By Neville W. Cramer | Published by IES Publications, Scottsdale, Arizona

Many of you know I have been involved with U.S. immigration issues for decades. Aside from my official responsibilities, I have tried to assist as many people as possible with their problems relating to passports, visas, residency and U.S. citizenship. You might be one of those people, a friend or simply someone I have met “along the way.”

Our immigration system is now sadly dysfunctional and fixing it properly is one of the most important domestic issues facing America today. My new book Immigration CHAOS – Solutions to an American Crisis describes many fair and realistic programs needed to accomplish this goal. I intend to use the proceeds from this book to work with the media, Congressional representatives and other groups across America to properly change our immigration laws. Unfortunately successful immigration reform is no longer a choice for our nation – it is a necessity!

Thanks for all!
Neville W. Cramer
INS Special Agent (retired)

*Immigration Chaos is no longer in print, but is available for Kindle at